Google Home or Amazon Alexa

Google Home or Amazon Alexa

If you are in the market to buy a smart speaker, you would surely come across Google Home and Amazon Alexa. But which one to buy?

Though both of these smart speakers perform very similar functions, they are very different from each other in many aspects. Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa offer 4 different smart speaker models with design and size variations, but the most popular are Google’s Google Home Mini and Amazon’s Echo Dot. If you are new to smart home segment, these two can be a very inexpensive gateways to the environment. So here’s a quick comparison between these two speakers to help you make a well-informed purchase.


Both Google Home Mini and Echo Dot are entry level smart speakers with very minimalist look and function. Echo Dot is has puck-shaped design with body made of hard glossy plastic. It has 4 buttons on the top for volume controls, play and pause and mic controls, and comes with the iconic top mounted color light ring.

Google Home Mini on the other hand has a classy look and feel with textured fabric cover on the top with not buttons. It has 4 led light indicators on the top which light up in the classic google home colors.

Echo Dot comes in 3 colors: Charcoal, Heather Grey and Sandstone while Google Home Mini offers Chalk, Charcoal and Coral color variants.


Echo Dot, being and older player in smart home segment has already grown an ecosystem for itself. Today, it’s hard to find a smart device without Alexa integration. Google Home is increasing its smart device integration list but it still lags behind Echo. Both of them lack smart-home hub so you won’t have features like remote access.

Audio quality

Being compact smart home speakers, you should not expect a very high quality purpose built Bluetooth speaker performance out of any of these speakers. Both of them though are loud enough to fill a room. Echo dot has an edge over Google Home Mini in audio as it is much louder and fuller, and has a balanced sound signature. It also comes with equalisers if you want to customise your experience.

Google Home Mini has punchy base and clear vocals, but it lacks in intensity and unlike the Dot, it also lacks a 3.5 mm jack so you can’t connect external speakers to Google Home Mini.  Both of these speakers can play songs from music services like Google Play Music, Amazon Music or Spotify.

Voice Assistant

Google assistant and Alexa both perform day-to-day tasks with ease and can pick up commands even when playing songs at full volume. Usability wise the Echo dot has physical buttons for volume controls, mic controls and Alexa while Google Home Mini only has a mic control slider style button on its side. But you would rarely use the hardware buttons because you can do all the above tasks with voice commands on both the devices.

Assistant wise, Google Assistant has a slight edge over Alexa. Google has been putting a lot of effort in research and development of Google Assistant and its evident in Google Home Mini. It sounds more natural, can handle follow-up questions and with Google Duplex coming soon to Google Home Speakers, you would be able to do much more through Google Home Mini than through Echo Dot.